Team & Leadership development

Francis Becks Consulting

Francis Becks is a strategy and leadership development firm based in the Brantford and Greater Toronto Areas. We bring a strengths-focused approach to developing leaders, restructuring businesses and coaching teams to their full potential.

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We offer one-on-one leadership development as well as team sessions for your company. In addition to offering Myers Briggs Assessments and StrengthsFinder Coaching for your CEO, executives, teams or managers, we also offer an extensive list of topics that we teach to teams and companies.

• Writing a Vision or a Mission Statement: Writing a team charter together so everyone has ownership.

• Creating a Culture of Team: Broken trust, building trust, is our team dysfunctional?

• Conflict Resolution: How can we disagree and problem-solve together in healthy ways?

• Building Trust: How we can cultivate trust and respect in our teams.

• Powerful Communication: What does healthy communication in your team and leadership look like? 

• Manage Your Life, not Your Time: Setting professional as well as personal goals. 

• Coaching 101: How to Coach your team to their fullest potential.

• The Leader in You: What leadership qualities do you possess and how can you grow them more?

• Emotional Intelligence: Identifying and managing emotions.


**We are happy to customize our sessions to meet the needs of your company.

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