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Francis Becks is a strategy and leadership development firm based in the Brantford and Greater Toronto Areas. We bring a strengths-focused approach to developing leaders, restructuring businesses and coaching teams to their full potential.

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Communication 101

Often as leaders we get frustrated when our team members don't meet up to our auspicious expectations. We grumble when their task is tardy or lacking the pizzaz we imagined it should.

But our first rule in leadership is: look at myself first.

Am I defining the excellence I want? I am showing examples of what, how and when?  Am I communicating through specifics examples?

This is a "manager hat" that we often need to don as leaders. In this function, we must focus on providing simple, detailed instructions for outcomes, deliverables, and deadlines to our teams.

So before we write off our team members as lazy and incompetent, let's take the time to ensure we are giving them the tools they need to do a fantastic job.

The onus lies with us first.

Coaching Vs. Mentoring

There are a lot of new buzz words in the leadership world today, words one should and shouldn't use. We should "lead" not "manage" or we should we are allowed to compliment but not correct.

For example, we believe this list is rather accepted in most management circles:

Managing – Presenting clear, detailed course of action. (i.e. instructions for outcomes, deliverables and due dates) 

Leading – Providing inspiration and encouraging the team towards a vision

Mentoring – Providing a role model for a team member

Coaching – Helping team members grow into new competencies or qualities 

photo cred: Jono & Laynie {Photo + Film}

photo cred: Jono & Laynie {Photo + Film}


At Francis Becks, we don't particularly care what words you use, rather, we care how you live and the culture of team you subsequently create.

We want your company to create a culture that honours your teams, builds up your members, and learns together.

Today we technically "managed" our intern and "mentored" our mentee. But at the end of the day, what we focused on with both of them was investing in our people. Investing in our people is timeless and won't fade with the trends of the times. 

We believe in an 80/20 rule. Ideally, we spend 80% of our time with our team members investing in them as people and 20% investing in their actual skill sets for the company.

We aren't perfect, this isn't the only way, but at the end of the day, humanity matters and we want to see our people grow and accomplish greater things they could imagine.