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What it Means to Be a Leader

To lead others, you first need to lead yourself.

We'll be breaking this conversation up into several blog posts, and let's commence the "What Does it Mean to Be a Leader" conversation with the idea of leading ourselves first.

1. Be proactive.

The conversation starts with looking at me.

Re-active people: respond to the circumstances.

Proactive people: choose their life/path/values and circumstances happen around them.

Our language will show if we are thinking pro-actively or reactively.

“He makes me mad.”

“There’s nothing I can do.”

“Let’s look at alternatives.”

These become self-fulfilling prophesies.

You choose your response. Your behaviour isn’t caused by circumstances.


Are you giving someone else power over your emotions?

Every time you think the problem is OUT THERE that thought is the problem.

if you are constantly critical of your relationships/teams/partners (instead of dealing with your own crap), then you 1. validate them in their response and box them into that negative behaviour. 2. are saying that you are a powerless victim in a negative situation.)

If, instead, you work on yourself, you’re giving the other person the space to grow in a safe place.

Connecting 101

Connection is an genuine and authentic meeting of hearts/thoughts/ideas in a given moment. Connection can happen with individuals or groups and is an imperative skill to incorporate into your teams.

Connecting will increase your influence in every situation.

Connecting is a people skill that can be practiced and learned.

Connecting is a people skill that can be practiced and learned.


People are asking:

1. Do you care?

2. Can you help me?

3. Can I trust you?


Connection isn’t about YOU.

It's about them. "What do YOU care about?"

•How do you want to grow?

•What’s something you want to learn?

•What is your favourite weekend activity?

Take the time to LISTEN to those around you.

Take the time to LISTEN to those around you.

What we say accounts for 7% of what’s believed.

The way we say it, for 38%.

What others see for 55%.