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What it Means to Be a Leader

To lead others, you first need to lead yourself.

We'll be breaking this conversation up into several blog posts, and let's commence the "What Does it Mean to Be a Leader" conversation with the idea of leading ourselves first.

1. Be proactive.

The conversation starts with looking at me.

Re-active people: respond to the circumstances.

Proactive people: choose their life/path/values and circumstances happen around them.

Our language will show if we are thinking pro-actively or reactively.

“He makes me mad.”

“There’s nothing I can do.”

“Let’s look at alternatives.”

These become self-fulfilling prophesies.

You choose your response. Your behaviour isn’t caused by circumstances.


Are you giving someone else power over your emotions?

Every time you think the problem is OUT THERE that thought is the problem.

if you are constantly critical of your relationships/teams/partners (instead of dealing with your own crap), then you 1. validate them in their response and box them into that negative behaviour. 2. are saying that you are a powerless victim in a negative situation.)

If, instead, you work on yourself, you’re giving the other person the space to grow in a safe place.

Why is Coaching So Important?

What happens when we lead but don't coach?

What happens when we coach but don't manage?

The intricacies of what being a leadership looks like can feel overwhelming and daunting. We have so much information at our fingertips, but so little time to process this idea of leadership before we are in the fire and need to put our theories to practice.

But let's break it down.

Leadership is about growing other leaders, setting the culture, showing the way.

Leadership is about growing other leaders, setting the culture, showing the way.

What does happen if we attempt leading but not coaching?

Okay, before we have that conversation, let's define some of the leadership hats that today's leaders are wearing.

• Managing – Providing clear, concise instructions for outcomes, deliverables and due dates to your team

• Leading – Providing inspiration and encouraging the team towards a vision

• Mentoring – Providing a role model which a member of the team can aspire to being

• Coaching – Providing a focus for growth for new competencies, qualities and being a team member

So if we, as the leader, are casting the vision (that's amazing, do it!), but fail to coach our teams, it means they will be behind, not able to keep up with the vision.

It's a good idea without the know-how.

So much of being a leader means knowing what hat to put on in what moment.

Is this the moment I should be managing my team and giving them clear, specific instructions?

Is this the moment to be casting the vision and inspiring them?

Or is this the moment to coaching them and watch them take risks, grow, and bring new ideas to the table.

As leaders we face these questions every single day.

So why is coaching so important?

Because it's a space to see our people grow and develop into the fullest of their potential and their strength.