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Creating a Culture of Team

I love lists. 

I commence each week with a massive TO DO list, challenges for both my personal and a work schedules. It doesn't stress me one little bit.

But in the conversation of teams, it's not as formulaic, not as simple, as making a checklist of how to get from here to team

For example, I talk about "the journey of teams" a lot with companies. I want the leaders to create culture, a way of life, rather than checking off items on the list, one by one. 

1. Team Meeting, Check

2. Set expectations, Check

3. Communicate clearly, Check, check, check.

While these things are wildly important, if you solely  focus on the TO DOs of team-building and miss the heart behind the offerings, then you will ultimately miss the essence of TEAM.

Here's the thing: Leaders create culture, they lead by example.

I believe one area that leaders should investigate is the idea of leading with humility. 

Humility is being known for who you really are.

In the case of leadership it often means

• Going First

• Apologizing if needed

• Being transparent

This isn't necessarily easy, but it certainly sets the tone for a work environment that allows mistakes and growth. If we cling to pride, we can only go so far. When we embrace humility, we are creating a culture of team that says, "We're in this together. You're better at some things than I am. I was wrong, but let's fix this."

It's challenging, it doesn't always feel good. We generally work so hard at keeping our armour in place and protecting ourselves, but I truly trust that leading with humility is the first and greatest step in setting your team up for amazing success.

How are you going to lead by example for your team today?